Adult Orthodontics

Make Your Move with MTM® Clear•Aligner

In the past, orthodontics was a procedure geared largely toward adolescents. Today we know that adults can enjoy the same cosmetic and health benefits of properly aligned teeth and seek to have an amazing smile. MTM® Clear•Aligner enables adults to correct flaws in their smile quickly, gently and discreetly.

Re-Correct Your Smile

As the body changes with age, so does the arch in the mouth and the positioning of teeth. It’s not uncommon for patients to undergo orthodontic treatment during adolescence, only to find that their teeth have drifted out of proper alignment later in life. This is a situation called relapse and can often be corrected with MTM® Clear•Aligner. If you think this might apply to you, visit the "Am I a Good Fit?" page.

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