Get Started

It's Easy to Get Started!

1. Call 1-888-898-4mtm (4686) to order an MTM® Clear•Aligner Welcome Kit.

There are two welcome kit options to get you started: a Standard Welcome Kit (#MTML-OK1) and a Premium Welcome Kit (#MTML-PK). Both contain Quick Start and IPR guides, patient brochures, and case discount coupons to help get you started. In addition to these valuable items, the Premium Welcome Kit includes Practice Resource and Impression-Taking Guides, as well as an MTM® Clear•Aligner Typodont and Demo Board that serve as great consultation and chairside tools.
Premium Welcome Kit
Please have your clinician license number ready when you call to place your order. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

2. Take your training.

Upon receiving your Welcome Kit, please review the enclosed Welcome Letter for your discount coupon codes and next steps. You will be asked to take an online training course and a short quiz. After you have successfully completed both, you will receive an email notification within 1-2 business days informing you that you are authorized to submit cases to the MTM® Clear•Aligner Service Center.

3. Start submitting cases.

To start submitting cases, log in to using your member credentials. Simply click on the orange "Case Submission" button and you’re on your way!


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