Two Options for Practices on the Move

Appropriate for both general dental practitioners and orthodontists, MTM® Clear•Aligner is an effective way to custom-craft solutions to common problems such as crowding and gapping. There are two competitively-priced ways to offer MTM® Clear•Aligner to your patients – as an In-Office treatment or from the Service Center – giving you maximum flexibility and control over treatment planning and execution.

MTM® Clear•Aligner Service Center

If you are looking for the convenience and consultation that a lab service can provide, MTM® Clear•Aligner Service Center may be right for you. Focused on treatment of the "Social Six" anterior teeth, MTM® Clear•Aligner Service Center offers several advantages vs. other clear aligner treatments. MTM® Clear•Aligner Service Center aligners utilize a unique “open pathway” architecture that helps facilitate tooth movement. Additionally, use of integrated "force points" eliminates the need for bonded attachments, reducing chairtime and making it easy for patients to seat and remove their aligners. Lastly, there is no limit to the number of aligners in your initial Treatment Plan, and one free refinement or course correction is included if needed. MTM® Clear•Aligner Service Center is an affordable choice for many patients who seek esthetic correction of their smile. Find out more.

MTM® Clear•Aligner In-Office

MTM® Clear•Aligner In-Office affords you direct control over the creation and adjustment of your patient's appliances. This chairside technique utilizes orthodontic pliers to fabricate clear plastic aligners that move teeth with integrated "force points". Find out more.

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