Patient Comfort

#1 Orthodontic Patient Request: Comfort*

Understanding Your Patients

In an independent consumer research study* "comfort" was cited as the most important factor by 80% of respondents when it came to making a choice of orthodontic treatments. This was followed by "appearance" and "long-term success". When asked about orthodontic treatment for their children, "comfort" remained the top concern, followed by "long-term success" second and "appearance" third.

With MTM® Clear•Aligner, you can offer your patients a treatment that addresses each of the top three decision criteria cited above. MTM® Clear•Aligner is a virtually undetectable orthodontic treatment that's a comfortable fit with their lifestyle. Add to that a price that's a fraction of other aligner treatments or traditional full-mouth wire braces, and you make clear aligner treatment an attractive and more affordable option for more of your patients.

*Independent quantitative study of 1,042 U.S. respondents.


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